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CBD For Anxiety, Libido, & More!

I’m sure by now you have heard about CBD. It seems to be the new “superpower” alternative to enhance our mind, body, and soul. Many people use it to help find relief from things like anxiety, depression, skin conditions, insomnia, pain, gastrointestinal problems, and more. Did you also know it can have a positive effect on your Wonder Woman superpowers? Yes, I’m talking about that spark within you, that volcanic explosion, and even that grand eruption that most women don’t talk about or even know if they have experienced… squirting! Ooh-la-la!!!

So here’s the skinny from a dear S(HE) Boss of mine, Kimberly DeFisher, on CBD and all its benefits, including what it may do for your sex life.

Kimberly’s Personal CBD Journey

“I started my journey with CBD because I was searching for a natural way to find relief from anxiety. My anxiety had become worse than ever during my postpartum experience with my second child. At the time, I was taking a moderate dose of an SSRI to find relief. It worked well, however, I was a little uncomfortable with the potential side effects that came along with the long-term use of prescriptions; SSRIs, which a large percentage of us are on, can sometimes create a situation in our body that’s worse than the initial problem we were trying to solve. I’m thankful for science, and not anti-big pharma, but I did want to attempt to try a more holistic route, before I committed to years of medication.

I did weeks –  probably months –  of research about how to tell if a CBD oil is high quality or not, because I wanted to be confident in the product that I would be putting into my body. When I found the right oil that marked every box of quality (organic, vegan, cruelty-free, additive and solvent free, certified by the U.S. Hemp Authority, and more), I placed my order, and then began my journey with CBD, and a new-found passion for advocating for this incredible product.

As soon as I got my oil, I quickly began to reap the benefits. I started taking my CBD oil simultaneously with my prescription (after getting the okay from my doctor to do so). I slowly began to wean off of the SSRI, and was still finding the same sort of relief from my CBD oil. When I say I “found relief” from anxiety, I mean that my mind felt clearer, and it was like, even though I knew I had a lot going on, and there was a lot to do, I knew it was going to be okay. I didn’t have negative, heavy thoughts constantly interrupting my day. I had that sense of peace that came with finding relief from anxiety.

I primarily used – and continue to use – our CBD oil tinctures. You take this oil subcutaneously: put drops of oil under your tongue, hold for one minute, and then swallow. The reason for taking the oil this way, is because we have tiny blood vessels near the surface of our skin under our tongue, and your oil can quickly enter the bloodstream here, rather than go through the digestive tract.

To my surprise, the longer I took my oil, the more different benefits began to show! I took my twice-daily doses consistently (consistency is key), and then would take an extra dose if I was feeling unusually anxious, or if I had a headache coming on. I’d feel relief within minutes!

Dr. J mentioned that CBD can even help your sex life, and let me tell you what, that was quite a pleasant surprise of a benefit that I experienced! My sex life became next level:

It’s as if my sex life had a dial, and someone literally cranked it up a few notches. When I get turned on, I get really turned on. I get wet and stay wet. I feel more in tune with my entire body and mind when I’m in the bedroom now. I used to subconsciously be focused on every movement, every thought, every action and reaction – but now, everything flows naturally, and without a preoccupied mind. Sex – the actual penetration – physically feels better. I can climax sooner, and when I climax, it’s more intense than it has ever been before in my life. Something even crazier? I even squirted for the first time (and it wasn’t just a one-time thing). I used to think that wasn’t even a real thing. Seriously, our sex life is better than ever!

You may be wondering, “How can CBD help so many different areas? Is it too good to be true?” Because I know that I personally used to have that same question. The science behind why and how CBD works in our body is quite amazing:

All mammals have something called an Endocannabinoid System. In this system, you’ll find endocannabinoids. Cannabis plants have something called phytocannabinoids, which work with our body’s Endocannabinoid System. CBD stands for cannabidiol, which is a type of cannabinoid. There are actually over one hundred different cannabinoids that have been found in cannabis plants – CBD is just a commonly known one, because of it’s healing benefits. When we take CBD oil, the cannabinoids present in the hemp plant communicate with the trillions of different receptors that are located throughout our entire body in this system.

The goal of our Endocannabinoid System is to maintain homeostasis and balance within our body, and it plays a role in regulating most body functions. This is why CBD oil is able to target and help so many different ailments. I like to view it like this: We’re all deficient in different ways, and have certain puzzle pieces missing. When we ingest CBD products, the puzzle pieces are going to fill in where you personally need them to. Your product is going to target your unique areas of need. This is why CBD products are not only great for specific ailments, but they’re also great for overall health!

I know many people who use our CBD oil for the following, just to name a few examples: to maintain a stable mood, to support optimal organ function, to support optimal digestive function, to maintain optimal cardiovascular health, to support healthy blood sugar levels, to find relief from stiffness or pain, and more.

CBD oil is very versatile! You should absolutely take your subcutaneous doses daily, and additional doses as-needed, however, you can also use your oil topically, as an added bonus. Personally, my family uses a couple drops of our oil on rashes, wounds, bug bites, pimples, etc. The carrier of our CBD oil is hemp oil (as opposed to MCT oil, olive oil, etc., that some brands use). Hemp oil is extremely healing and moisturizing to our skin, and the lipids in it are similar to those found in our skin, which is why it doesn’t clog our pores.

CBD doesn’t only have to be taken via oil form. There are CBD gummies, too. There are different benefits to taking CBD oil subcutaneously and having it enter your bloodstream, than taking it via a gummy, and allowing it to go through your digestive tract. The oil will enter your body and take effect faster, as it enters your bloodstream, but it won’t stay in your system quite as long. The gummies, on the other hand, will take a little longer to take effect, but also stay in your body for a longer period. Many people like to use both methods! They’ll take their oil twice a day, and keep a bottle of gummies in their car to take as-needed during the day, for example. The nice thing is that unlike many prescriptions, CBD products don’t have a list of negative side effects, and you can’t “overdose” on CBD; if you took more than needed, your body would simply flush out the extra amount, similar to how it does with some vitamins!

There are also topical CBD creams. There are CBD-infused facial creams, to help with acne, blemishes, wrinkles, and fine lines, and a CBD-infused pain relief cream that can be applied as-needed, which is great for targeting specific sore, problem areas. It doesn’t stop there, though! There are CBD coffees and creamers, to add an extra boost to your morning cup of joe, or CBD bath bombs (the bath bombs are a serious life-saver for me during my time of the month).”

I recommend CBD to many of my patients who are looking for a natural way to find relief. Kimberly’s story isn’t uncommon: Oftentimes, people are interested in trying CBD, but feel unsure where to start their journey with it. This article is here to educate you about the basics behind CBD, and give you guidance and direction towards high-quality products you can try.

It’s important to know that CBD interacts with and inhibits certain enzymes in our body, which has the potential to affect how we metabolize some prescriptions. This could possibly, for example, lead to a higher amount of a drug in your body for a longer period of time, if it’s not metabolized at the normal rate. Because of this, it’s best to double-check with your primary care physician if you are currently taking a prescription, before ingesting CBD. More than likely, they’ll give you the green light to add it to your routine, or start to wean off of your prescription!

If you’ve got questions about CBD, Kimberly’s journey has now led to her being a rep for the company she researched and went with, HempWorx, and she’s happy to answer questions. You can learn even more about the different benefits that CBD has to offer on Kimberly’s website. She has also created a simple, 3-step process you can follow, to find out if CBD is right for you, and help you find and purchase the right product! If you still have more questions, you can send her team an email.

Kimberly shared some testimonies with us from women who use CBD:

Rebecca uses CBD for chronic pain management, anxiety, and general health:I have been diagnosed with Fibromyalgia, Endometriosis, PCOS, IBS, and have always suffered from severe anxiety and depression. With all of those ailments, come a lot of issues. Thankfully, the 750mg and 1500mg CBD has given me my life back… but most importantly, my smile back.”

Kaley uses CBD for her Eczema: “I have had eczema my whole life, but only in my late twenties has it moved to my face. I constantly struggle with face creams over the counter, prescriptions, steroids, and even tried Korean beauty products, but everything either burned, or didn’t help. After applying the Renew CBD face cream TWICE, I was amazed. It’s not only cleared my skin of my eczema and dry skin, but my fine lines have improved. I’m about to bathe in this stuff! But seriously, it’s changed my life. No more hours on the internet searching for the perfect cream.”

Jennifer uses CBD for migraines: “I am 51 and have had migraines since middle school. I have had so many brain scans I’ve lost count. I started with gummies from a different place first, and then found this. I use the full-spectrum 750mg oil daily, at least twice, and even when I feel one coming on, I take 2-3 drops, and it calms it away. I am SO grateful. I am a walking billboard for it. Even my husband – who didn’t want me using CBD – is supportive, because the transformation has been amazing. NO migraine med has ever worked for me EVER! It’s been torture until now.”

Kumi uses CBD for menstruation symptoms: “I used to have extremely painful periods and mood swings that would send me into full-blown manic episodes. Now, I don’t even get anything but mild discomfort, and my moods are stable. I will never be without this CBD oil.”

About the Author

Dr. Jessica Germano-Fokin (Dr.J) is a Licensed Mental Health Practitioner that specializes in sexual health and relationships. She has several years experience in psychosexual research, education, therapy, and consulting. Her patients and clients often refer to her as the “Sex Doctor”.  She’s been active on local radio shows and featured in local magazines.

Dr.J’s passion is assisting individuals in areas including, but not limited to: loving yourself, dating, sexual and partner communication, relationship concerns, intimacy issues, gender identity, body image, self-esteem, anxiety and depression, sexual orientation, sexual trauma, sexual dysfunctions, sexual pleasures, and developing and maintaining a healthy relationship and healthy sexual lifestyle. Her motto is “Do YOU, For YOU and be your own S(HE) Boss: Strong•Happy•Empowered”.  Stay tuned in, in touch, and turned on because you are well-deserving of embracing your sexual self and living a healthy and fulfilling sexual lifestyle. Visit Dr, J online at https://www.doctorjg.com/

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